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Did you know that more than 70% of people at some point in life have had problems with sleep and 45% of the world’s people suffer from a sleep disorder? Good sleep and mental health are related issues that influence our body’s daily performance and affect our lifestyle. 

This time we want to talk about a very important topic, it seems paradoxical because we do not give it priority in our life, sometimes we consider it a waste of time to pay attention to it or detect those states of alarm that our body manifests when we do not sleep well. To talk about it, we met with an expert, Marcela Montoya, Respiratory Therapist; where she shares everything she knows about the power of breath in all aspects of our life,is dedicated to teaching and educating people to use the maximum potential of breathing, also works with athletes, helping them to perform better physically. Everything is connected, the first step of the well-being of physical health even mental health is learning to breathe. 

Talking about good sleep or sleeping or dying refers to the fact that we have normalized the disease, and we cannot continue to do so, since bad sleep cannot be considered normal, since the figures are alarming; 70% of people in the world at some point in their life have presented a sleep disorder and 45% of the world population suffered from a sleep disorder in their life, at first nobody pays attention to these issues or puts the focus on this problem and this goes unnoticed because we do not know what happens to our body while it sleeps. If we had a little more knowledge of what happens while our body is asleep, we would be aware of the importance of improving the quality of our sleep. And we refer to dying, studies show it, sleep deprivation doubles or triples the risk of being diagnosed with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and obesity, and we consider it as a problem that can be solved with thousands of medications, but when we go to consult, the doctor Do you ever ask us How many hours do you sleep? Do you sleep well How is your lifestyle? Because depending on the lifestyle, they are the hours we need to sleep, this has a lot to do with the activities we do during the day and this is not taken into account at the time of a medical check-up. the doctor sometimes asks us how many hours do you sleep? Do you sleep well How is your lifestyle? Because depending on the lifestyle, they are the hours we need to sleep, this has a lot to do with the activities we do during the day and this is not taken into account at the time of a medical check-up. the doctor sometimes asks us how many hours do you sleep? Do you sleep well How is your lifestyle? Because depending on the lifestyle, they are the hours we need to sleep, this has a lot to do with the activities we do during the day and this is not taken into account at the time of a medical check-up.

And it is that sleeping well is also related to mental health, since 80% of people with a psychological or cognitive disorder also suffer from a sleep disorder, that is, people who do not sleep well run the risk of getting sick. So, sleeping well is just as important as having a good diet, we must normalize the issue, as well as we talk about diets, nutrition, anxiety, depression, stress, we must also normalize not sleeping well and talk about it , seek help from professionals or experts on the subject because this is connected with our mental health. 


Humanity has been facing a deterioration regarding the quality of sleep, it is mainly related to three factors; The first is the creation of electricity, which intervenes in the biological processes that govern us by nature; the day (sun) is for activities and the night (the moon, darkness) for sleeping, when electricity was created, the time to go to sleep was delayed, prolonging the activity. Secondly, there is the development of the industry and the implementation of night shifts with which it was discovered that men can also work at night and finally, socially it is a heroic act that people can sleep little and perform a lot during the night. day or that sleeping is a waste of time and makes us less productive,which is a mistake, since you have the risk of making mistakes or doing things wrong.

There is no awareness of how important it is to sleep well, so the first step is to educate; understand What happens to my body while sleeping? Understand that we are more productive when we sleep well, we make better decisions when we sleep well. In addition, our emotions will be in balance when we have a deep and restful sleep we wake up happier and more animated.


Sleep has two phases, REM SLEEP and NREM SLEEP, it takes us an average of 90 minutes to go from NREM sleep to REM sleep. We need the NREM sleep phase to save memory, memories, learning and store that information that we accumulate throughout the day, it is important for cognitive processes. REM sleep phases are the keys to deeper sleep where our muscles relax completely. It is the production phase of different hormones that we need to regulate other predominant processes in cell repair; we repair ourselves while we sleep. 

When you sleep, your body completely changes its brain waves, it is important for sugar metabolism, memory, the immune system and the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system; that is, it influences all other systems, there is the difference between resting and sleeping, resting can be changing activities, relaxing or doing something to distract the mind, and sleeping means that your chemistry and your physiology change and prepare for others processes you can’t do when you’re awake or running. 

It is possible that when we feel that we are asleep, but we do not rest it is because we are in light sleep, if we sleep, but it is a dream that is not completed, its cycle has very few minutes in the deep sleep phase, let us remember that during the night it is repeats the 90-minute cycle (REM sleep and NREM sleep). In addition, it is important to know that the sleep cycles with more minutes of deep sleep that occur between 11:00 pm and 2:00 am is like a golden window to sleep, for example, if we go to bed at 12:30 am that window of time where the body prepares to go into deep sleep is more easily lost.


–  It has been detected that caffeine inhibits sleep by up to 20%, you may sleep well, but it will cost our body much more to enter the deep sleep phase. 

–  Food, we must do at least 2 to 3 hours of fasting before going to sleep, and that last meal must be of quality.

–  Exercising at night, the chemistry that the body produces when it is exercising, increases adrenaline and cortisol, that chemistry, after the training does not end, continues to circulate in the blood and while that revolution of exercise is going down we will cost a lot more to fall asleep. 

–  Temperature affects because we are regulated by it, in an environment that is too hot for our body it will be difficult for us to fall asleep. 

–  The light from the screen of the cell phone, tablet or computer is a signal that goes directly to the brain through the eyeball and tells the brain that it is not time to sleep yet, even if the brain is very tired, neither chemically nor hormonally it will produce what we need to achieve deep and restful sleep. 

–  The information that reaches us also influences, we are bombarded with bad news and the brain is processing all that information before going to sleep, hence the importance of thoughts is born, since the main cause of insomnia is that we do not stop Think, you have to work on this so that you can sleep and get to deep and restful sleep.  



Be aware of the importance of sleep in our life, remember that it is sleep or die, because all this influences our state of physical and mental health. 

–  Establish a sleep routine, have a time to go to bed and get up, in this way we program our brain and its operation will be easier.

–  The quality of sleep is worked on from the first moment we wake up, thanking is the first pillar of what happens every day in your life; open your eyes and give thanks, there we are already producing a different chemistry such as serotonin ( Chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body, it helps mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion, sleep and memory). 

–  If you like coffee, try to drink it in the morning, between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. is the impulse that we have from the first hours of the morning to have the energy of the whole day. Avoid drinking it after noon and if you can’t quit, opt for decaffeinated coffee. 

–  Sunbathe, we can enjoy a good sunbath every morning, it also has other very important properties for our body. 

–  Exercising in the morning helps to improve the quality of sleep and the functioning of our body during the day. 

–  Bear in mind that the bed is a temple to rest and sleep , it is not for playing, or for working, or doing other activities. Consider the room as a temple, in this way we program our brain so that once our head touches the pillow it is to sleep. 

–  Take care of the devices, stop using the cell phone and other devices such as the television before 9:00 pm, from that moment on, the production of melatonin begins and it is important to take care of the light exposure of the screens. If you have protectors or blue light blockers you can use them after 9:00 pm If possible, avoid that this type of device is a means to fall asleep or fall asleep. 

–  Read a book or write , this helps regulate and disconnect from our thoughts. You can write about the events of the day or give thanks for everything you experienced. It is a way to unload your thoughts and go to bed with a blank mind, more clear. We cannot solve the problem in bed, the best we can do is sleep well so that when we get up we have our minds ready to make decisions and see situations more clearly. 

–  For those who find it difficult to get up in the morning, establish a motivation that encourages them to be prepared and start the day, something that you do not want to miss because you love doing that day by day. The key is to find a morning routine that will help you get up without using the alarm clock. 

–  Use breathing , we can perform exercises inhaling and exhaling to lower the revolution of the day and be able to fall asleep. Breathe slowly, slowly, nasal and abdominal at bedtime. 

–  Dress for the occasion, it is important that at bedtime we wear light and fresh clothes that are not too tight, since we must take care of our body temperature at bedtime. At Beluxeworld we have a variety of options and silhouettes that, thanks to the raw materials with which they are made, will help us to be comfortable during sleep. You can check different options in our online store

We hope that this information is very valuable for you and that you can develop a habit around good sleep, not only as part of the daily routine and an intrinsic need in our body, but as an essential tool for our physical and mental health. Sleeping is the action that helps us to be alive and renewed to start the day.



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