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Breathe, Relax, And Stretch It Out With These Top 5 Yoga Poses!

Breathe, Relax, And Stretch It Out With These Top 5 Yoga Poses!

Yoga is a great way to improve your strength, endurance, and flexibility. Practising yoga can help improve your posture, reduce stress, and improve your mental health.

Yoga can also help improve your flexibility, strength, and endurance, which can help improve your sporting performance. And yoga can be a great way to relax and reduce stress, which can help improve your health and well-being.

Check out our curation of simple, effective, at-home yoga poses that will uplift your mood and have you fit and relaxed in no time.

1) The extended side angle yoga pose 

Side Angle Yoga Pose

The extended side angle pose is a variation of the basic side angle pose that targets the sides of the body.

It’s a great pose to use when you want to open up the chest, shoulders, and arms. It also improves the blood flow to the arms and can help reduce arm pain and stiffness.

2) Planks

While planks are exceedingly simple poses to practice, they are also an excellent way to work your abdominal muscles as well as your entire body. Wearing the right outfit will help you stabilise your core without straining your back. 

3) Forward bend yoga pose 

Forward bend Yoga Post

Forward Bend pose is great for opening the chest and shoulders and helps to stretch the back. It’s often recommended as a treatment for back pain.

To do the pose, start on your hands and knees, and straighten your arms and legs. Then, let your head fall backwards, towards the ground, and relax your arms and legs at your sides.

4) Tree pose 

Tree Pose

Tree pose is a vinyasa yoga sequence in which the practitioner is on their hands and knees, with their feet together and their arms extended out in front of them. The primary goal of tree pose is to stretch the hips, shoulders, and neck.   

In this article, we’ll look at tree pose from two different perspectives: as an inversion, and as a hip openers and shoulder openers.

5) Arm balance 

Arm Balance

Our final yoga pose that makes it to the list builds strength and keeps you feeling balanced. If you aren’t used to heavy lifting regularly, your upper limbs and arms may not be as strong as you’d like and with arm-balance poses, you can train your upper body strength to challenge your body to reposition its perspective.

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